Our policy is to work with any landowners or land managers who share Modoc RCD’s goals. Our policy to guide us in establishing and maintaining cooperative agreements with landowners is found in our Cooperation Policy (PDF, 116 KB). This policy lays out step-by-step procedures for landowners and the Modoc RCD to follow so that we can serve your conservation needs as efficiently as possible.

Modoc RCD’s mission is fourfold:

  • To facilitate the sound management of our natural resources through local control.
  • To foster partnerships that achieve integrated long-term cultural, economic and environmental health of our watershed.
  • To implement conservation projects with willing landowners.
  • To educate landowners and the general public about sustainable resource management.

Modoc Resource Conservation District Board of Directors

Pearce Flournoy, President  wcranch@frontiernet.net

Erika Forrest, Vice-president   neneekah4u@yahoo.com

Stacey Hafen, Secretary/Treasurer  igotthiz.sily@gmail.com

Jess Dancer, Director  jess@alturasranches.com

Richard S. Mackey, Director   dickmackey123@gmail.com

Chico Pedotti, Assoc. Director  pedottilivestock@frontiernet.net

Jason Diven, Director  jasondiven@yahoo.com

Lorissa Soriano, Assoc. Director  destinationmodoc@gmail.com

We are the RCD

The Modoc RCD works with landowners and agencies to help conserve our precious natural resources.